Press 4 – help – here you can check some help about chat


Smiley list - you will find here smiley codes with smiley, just put that code with message of



Private message colors - There is some ratings and by work categories in avacs , this private

message colors depend on that categories


Super-moderators - Super moderators is volunteer of avacs , every super moderators have

different , different works in avacs , they have crown of every rooms + they can add or remove

crown of any room


Message to admin - If you want any help , quarry about avacs or you want to send any

complaints , than choose your question area from “message to admin” option


Confirmed nick restore -Here you Restore your conformed id so easily without Administrator

just put Id Number of Conformed id and than Restoring Code will be send By sms to phone

number with which restoring restoring nick was conformed,After you recevied it than enter code

to obtain acesses to restoring nick.Cost for restoring is 1.00$ paid from your purse

Note -Remember your id and password by which you restore your other id because after putting

code you will be automatically switch to your restore id


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