Chat Room


Press 4 or left and select secondicon (from left to right) from top and press ok to open

Chatrooms menu". you can find all chat room in Chat rooms menu. press 4 or left and select

second icon from left to right) from top and press ok. Here is all chat rooms of AVACS

LiveChat.You can see first 3

room is top 3 rooms. By country and communities, Public and Private is our 3 category of chat

rooms. just select a room and select enter and press ok to enter a room. In favorite category, all

room will be here, which you've selected as your favorite room. to put a room in your favorite

category, just enter in a category (By country and communities/ Public/ Private) and select a

room. after that, select menu and press ok. then select "add to from favorites" and press ok

now u can see this room in your favorite category. its like shortcut to enter a room. You can

create your own public room or private room. anyone can access public room. but nobody can

enter in private room, if he/she has not invitation of that room (you can send invitation to

someone to join a chat room. see this later). And in the option -"Where I am owner", here is all

those rooms, where you're owner of those room. And bottom of option -"Where I am owner"

here is top 4 to top 10 chat rooms


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